Inner Wheel Representative

Dr. Madhavi Pandya.

A practicing doctor she specializes in the diseases of women and is passionate about bringing healthy babies into this world along with safe mothers. She did her graduation and post graduation from T. N. Medical college & Nair Hospital, Mumbai. She has been conferred Fellowship by International College of Surgeons.

She grew up under the watchful eyes of her mother who imbued in her a sound value system and a sense of responsibility. She was groomed in her profession by her father-inlaw who inculcated in her a deep sense of Integrity in clinical practice.

She is a member of various medical organizations like M.O.G.S, F.O.G.S.I., B.P.N.I and A.C.A.S.H. She received the award from Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India for project Kishori - creating health awareness among adolescent children in many schools.

She was on board of directors of Jan Shikshan Sansthan, a central government based Institute to impart Vocational Training and Literacy for six years from 2002-08.

She was the Charter President of IWC Borivli 2000-2002,and received trophy for maximum work done in Family planning from the District in the first year itself. She has served as Zonal Coordinator of IW District 314 and was a member of District Medical Projects committee for 2 years. She has worked for Polio eradication right from the beginning of the PolioPlus program.

She joined the District as District Editor in 2012-13. As District ISO she successfully arranged a much appreciated ISO th Meet at the South Asia Rally held in Mumbai. At the 13 Triennial Conference at Kolkata she spoke on the Importance of Charter President laying strong foundation for the clubs.

PDG Dr Bharat Pandya and two daughters Dr Nidhi and Dr.Sashmi both studying medicine form her family.

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